Ruth Waalkes Executive Director, Associate Provost for the Arts
Jon Catherwood-Ginn Associate Director of Programming 540-231-0872
Margo Crutchfield Curator at Large 540-231-0839
Kari Evans Executive Assistant 540-231-0616
Meggin Hicklin Exhibitions Program Manager 540-231-0840
Sarah M. Johnson Program Manager 540-231-0843
Alice Rogers Manager, Active Learning Curation Program 540-231-1108
Sage Wayrynen Artist Services Assistant 540-231-0843


Jacob Paul
Annual Giving Officer

Finance and Administration

Liz Scharman Director of Administration 540-231-0829
Kevin Ayoub Facility and Rentals Manager
Toni Cartee Business Manager 540-231-0837
Steve Cox IT Specialist 540-231-0453
Austin Elliott Assistant Facility Manager 540-231-6771
Jamie McReynolds Fiscal/HR/Grants Technician 540-231-0856
Shirley Rose Housekeeping Worker 540-231-2742
Mark Seagraves Housekeeping Worker 540-231-2742

Marketing and Communications

Heather Ducote
Director of Marketing and Communications  
Reneé Alarid Associate Director of Creative Services
Susan Bland Associate Director of Communication 540-231-1986
Jonathan Boulter Associate Director of Patron Services 540-231-9793
Carly DuPont House Manager 540-231-3409
Avery Eliades Digital Content Specialist 540-231-0855
Tracie Hughes Marketing Coordinator 540-231-1983
Kacy McAllister Box Office and Student Engagement Manager 540-231-0297


David Ehrlich
Outreach Fellow for the Fine Arts 540-231-0862
Anne Elise Thomas Building Bridges Research Fellow and Itraab Ensemble Music Director


Doug Witney
Director of Production
Gustavo Araoz Lighting Supervisor
Nick Corrigan Senior Technician  
Robert Gainer Audio Supervisor 540-231-5406
Laine Goerner Production Coordinator 540-231-1308
Ryan Hasler Stage & Rigging Supervisor 540-231-0888
Joe Ingram Staff Technician  

Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT)

Benjamin Knapp
Director 540-231-0856
George Hardebeck Facility and Studio Manager  
Lisa Jansen Grant Specialist 540-231-1563
Tom Martin Associate Director 540-231-1911
Phyllis Leary Newbill Outreach and Engagement Coordinator 540-231-1319
Dylan Parker Web Developer 540-231-2552
Bryanne Peterson Research Assistant Professor for SEAD Evaluation and Assessment  
Daniel Pillis Research Assistant Professor for Immersive Environments 540-231-2552
Tanner Upthegrove Media Engineer 540-231-1336
Holly Williams Program and Business Operations Manager 540-231-0802
Melissa Wyers Administrative Assistant 540-231-1318