Art and Social Conscience
Calling attention to sociopolitical issues and the need for change
A sequence of three exhibitions

Ryan Alexiev, Jim Ricks, Hank Willis Thomas, Jorge Sanchez, and Will Sylvester

Thursday, September 10-Saturday, October 10, 2020

Francis T. Eck Exhibition Corridor

A diverse portrait of humanity; compelling, poignant, and especially significant at this moment in time

This video installation presents concise thoughts and observations by individuals from across the globe grappling with one of the most pertinent social, political, and philosophical issues of our times: what the truth is and what it means. The work is a thoughtful and at times profound exploration of values in this time of moral upheaval.

Cause Collective
In Search of the Truth: The Truth Booth, 2011-present
Video stills from national and international locations
Courtesy of the artists