Thursday, January 18-Saturday, March 31, 2018

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Ray Kass, a prominent Virginia artist with a long record of national and international exhibitions, is well known not only for the quality and breadth of his art but as a pivotal, even catalytic figure in this region. Over the years Kass has stood out as an exemplary artist here and in the art world beyond, as well as a distinguished art professor at Virginia Tech. Among his many accomplishments was establishing and directing the Mountain Lake Symposium and Workshop programs, through which he brought art-world luminaries to this region—Clement Greenberg, Donald B. Kuspit, and John Cage, among others—and subsequently influenced generations of artists in Virginia and the southeast.

This exhibition highlights exemplary work from Kass’ prolific career, ranging from his large-scale, multi-panel Polyptych (1961-2003) paintings to his most recent Still Lifes (2015-2018), created with stencils in an inventive layering of water media, oil emulsion, and dry pigment on rag paper. Among the key works in the exhibition is the monumental painting Broad Channel: Vorticella Polyptych, 1991, from the permanent collection of the Nevada Museum of Art, which will be seen in Virginia for the first time in 20 years.

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    Ray Kass
    Still Life, 8-23-2014
    Water media, oil emulsion, and dry pigment on rag paper under beeswax mounted on panel and framed in recessed white maple
    32 x 58 1/2 inches
    Collection of the artist

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