Thursday, April 15, 2021, 7 PM EDT

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Conceived and created by Kaneza Schaal and Christopher Myers
Directed by Kaneza Schaal
Written and designed by Christopher Myers
Produced by ArKtype/Thomas O. Kriegsmann

“Cartography explores a world alive with transitions and movement by characters speaking their minds; representing those often made purposely invisible by others...A wonder of [theatre-making], Cartography is a production full of cracking story-telling...” —DC Metro

Inflatable rafts on the Mediterranean. Family photos hidden carefully in a backpack. Hear the stories of young refugees when new theatre work Cartography asks what part we play in the lives of young people who set out into the unsure waters of their futures. Streaming directly to your home, this multimedia play brings a world alive with movement and migration as the effects of climate change, war, and poverty give shape to where we’ve come from and where we’re going. This free event is followed by a moderated discussion with the performers and creators of the work.

At one point last year there were 30,000 new people a day arriving in Munich. They huddled under tents that the city provided (more suited to picnics and outdoor school functions than housing) and slept on top of plastic bags full of everything that they could bring with them from home. All that was left of their lives in Syria, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Eritrea, or Mali, folded, rolled, and hidden in makeshift luggage. They followed cellphone signals and rumors, smugglers and stories.

The New York Times
reports there are more displaced people scattered throughout the globe now than at any time in recorded history. For each person, the journey to find a place to lay one’s head is just the beginning of a longer journey to discover oneself and define one’s place in a world of ever shifting borders and ceaseless conflicts. In their work with children who migrated to Munich on their own, artists Kaneza Schaal and Christopher Myers found that cartography and storytelling provided the young people a framework from which to unpack the complexities of their maps both internal and geographic.

A performance rooted in the commonalities of migration and the concrete and metaphorical mapping at the center of all of these worlds in motion, Cartography invites audiences to consider the maps we all have yet to draw.

Recommended for ages 10 and up


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