Friday, August 10, 2018, 3 PM

Perform Studio

Free; tickets available beginning Monday, July 23

Wave field synthesis is a technique of audio production for producing audio sound wave fields with a perceptual realism surpassing that of conventional sound diffusion approaches. The technique works to use large multi-channel speaker systems arrayed in front of listeners, and precisely calculated signals to transduce virtually conceived sound wave fields into the space of closely seated listeners. Using the author’s 24-channel wave field array, this presentation will demonstrate the allure and power of composing with wave field sound. Two of the author’s works, Rotorelief and Sisyphus in Situ, will be performed along with a 20-minute video lecture addressing the principle of wave field synthesis and the author’s software for its production. All sound for the video lecture (i.e. voice and examples) is synthesized and presented from within the wave field space, making the lecture itself, in effect, a demonstration of its subject.

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Advance Program Notes

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