Sunday, August 12, 2018, 1 PM

Perform Studio

$10 general admission; free for Virginia Tech students (ticket still required). Tickets available beginning Monday, July 23

Sounds in Focus presents a selection of works from artists around the world, played on the 24.4 channel Genelec system in the Perform Studio of the Moss Arts Center. The Perform Studio is a smaller, more intimate performance space that is ideal for precise and detailed listening to multichannel music. Guests who attend concerts in both Perform Studio and the Cube will develop a deeper appreciation for the range of artistic expression possible in different multichannel formats. Participants of Sounds in Focus include Judith Shatin, Pinda Ho, Eric Simonson, Qi Mengjie, Michael Rhoades, Kotoka Suzuki, and Robert McClure.

Tape Music
To Seek in Circularity
Synth Kit Music
Songs in the Valley
A Hot Jupiter
Automata | Mechanical Garden
in excess

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Advance Program Notes

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