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 The staff of the Moss Arts Center stands on an outdoor stone staircase during a staff retreat.

Office of the Associate Provost for the Arts

Ruth Waalkes Associate Provost for the Arts and Executive Director, Moss Arts Center 540-231-0616
Devair Jeffries-Lee Arts@VirginiaTech Program Director 540-231-0877
David Ehrlich Outreach Fellow for the Fine Arts 540-357-0774
Molly Parker Executive Assistant 540-231-0616


Paul Brammer Chief Advancement Officer, Moss Arts Center and University Libraries 540-231-0845
Kasey Socks Leadership Gifts Officer  


Brian Holcombe Curator 540-231-0839
Laura Higgins Exhibitions Program Manager 540-231-0840

Finance and Administration

Liz Scharman Director of Administration 540-231-0829
Toni Cartee Business Manager 540-231-0837
Lori Compton Housekeeper  
Austin Elliott Building Manager 540-231-6771
Matt Hudson IT Operations Manager 540-231-0453
Garrett Mitchell Housekeeper  
Herman Noble Building Operations Coordinator 540-231-5505
Shirley Rose Housekeeper  
Emily Wilkins Fiscal Technician 540-231-0856

Marketing and Communication

Katie Gehrt Director of Marketing and Communication 540-231-7443
Susan Bland Associate Director of Communication 540-231-1986
Avery Eliades Associate Director of Content and Digital Strategy 540-231-0855
Shanin Glenn Graphic Design Manager 540-231-5275
Ellery Huffman Marketing Coordinator 540-231-1983

Patron Services

Jonathan Boulter Director of Ticketing and Patron Services 540-231-9793
Hannah Holbrook House Manager 540-231-3409
Jamie Wiggert Box Office Manager 540-231-0297


Doug Witney Director of Production 540-231-4270
Adam Cook Stage and Rigging Supervisor 540-231-0888
Robert Gainer Audio Supervisor and Associate Director of Production 540-231-5406
Kyle Gavell Lighting Supervisor 540-231-5486
Laine Goerner Production and Rentals Manager 540-231-1308
Joe Ingram Senior Technician, Stage and Rigging 540-231-0889
CJ Jessie Senior Technician, Lighting  
Jackson Stitzer Senior Technician, Audio/Video 540-232-4869


Margaret Lawrence Director of Programming 540-231-0608
Jon Catherwood-Ginn Associate Director of Programming 540-231-0872
Kari Heistad Engagement Manager 540-231-0806
Beth Jessee Artist Services Assistant 540-231-0862
Sarah M. Johnson Program Manager 540-231-0843