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Virginia Tech students visit the Moss Arts Center galleries as a class. In the center, a middle aged Native woman in a yellow shirt discusses a sculptural piece on display.

"The creative process is not creating out of nothing. We get inspired by forms in nature, forms that are created by other people... music is just another form of art, an art form that we can get inspired by. If students caught that, I would be really, really happy."

–Mintai Kim, professor, School of Architecture + Design

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Performances and Engagement
Jon Catherwood-Ginn
Associate Director of Programming


Exhibitions and Gallery Tours
Laura Higgins
Exhibitions Program Manager


Creative Connections
The courses you teach, programs you lead, and research you conduct make Virginia Tech a dynamic community of exploration and learning. If you’re looking for ways to extend and deepen the value of your work, you can collaborate with us and our array of guest artists.


See a snapshot of the types of activities we regularly facilitate with university partners — and get inspiration for creative new ideas of your own!

If you’re looking for ways to go deeper in your lessons, revitalize your programs, and create exceptional learning experiences for your students, consider collaborating with us.

As a home for experiential learning and interdisciplinary dialogue on campus, the Moss Arts Center seeks to build diverse perspectives, foster creativity, and promote collaboration among students, faculty, and artists. We’re dedicated to giving every Virginia Tech student access to creative experiences that can transform the way they see the world and the people in it. One way to achieve that goal is through arts integration in the classroom and beyond.

In a regular season, we present:

  • more than 25 performances from professional artists, many of whom offer diverse perspectives and cultural influences
  • 4-6 exhibitions featuring world-renowned, regional, and local artists
  • upwards of 150 free engagement events with visiting artists from around the globe and close to home

Explore diverse opportunities to supplement your syllabus through:

  • gallery tours
  • live performances
  • class visits by guest artists
  • hands-on workshops

Arts Integration in Practice

Leyla McCalla: The Healing Power of the Arts

 Musician Leyla McCalla in front of large banana leaves

Students experienced the power of artistic expression firsthand during a virtual session with singer and musician Leyla McCalla. McCalla met with students from three classes—Women and Creativity; Introduction to African-American Students; and Race, Class, Gender, and Sexualities—in two virtual sessions, where she discussed her life and career experiences and sources of inspiration. It was a current event that spurred the most poignant moments, however.

"Attendance at openings, engaging with visiting artists... these allow for shifts in a student's awareness of the availability and accessibility of broader cultural practice. All of these are right on the Mall, easy walking distance... extraordinary."

–Deborah Sim, instructor, School of Visual Arts, and curator, Armory Gallery  

I’m Interested. What's Next?

Check out answers to common questions to help you plan enrichment opportunities in your syllabus.

Virginia Tech student tickets are $10. Recommendations for handling this cost include: 

  • Invite your students to sign up for Moss’ free student rush ticket program. Text “arts” to 833-966-1838 to receive text alerts when tickets are available.
  • Ask students to purchase their own tickets. The cost is cheaper than most textbooks!
  • Incorporate a fee into your course—as many labs on campus do—to ensure students are aware of the additional cost during registration.
  • Inquire with your department or campus unit to see if funds can be made available to cover the cost of tickets.
  • Contact Moss staff to inquire about additional options.
  • List the event prominently in your course syllabus and make your expectations of attendance clear.
  • If the date/time of the Moss event falls outside of your class time, anticipate that some students may not be able to participate. As a substitute, consult with Moss staff and suggest alternative arts experiences for those students to attend.
  • Incorporate in-class activities, course readings, or media to review as homework. Moss staff are available to recommend substantive resources for your syllabi and, in select cases, connect you directly with guest artists in advance for collaborative planning.

Whether in person or virtually, guest artists regularly visit Virginia Tech classes, deliver Moss Arts Center talks, and conduct workshops and lecture/demonstrations—and have interfaced with every college at Virginia Tech and numerous co-curricular programs. Contact Moss staff to request class visits by specific artists or ask for recommendations for arts experiences that would be germane to your course/program.

  • Encourage students to interact with artists directly during regular post-performance talks or meet-and-greets.
  • Invite students to reflect on their experiences by assigning post-event response papers or creative projects.
  • Host Moss staff in your class to facilitate post-event discussions and critiques.

The Moss Arts Center regularly develops new programs based on recommendations from faculty and staff. Share your ideas and start a collaboration by contacting Jon Catherwood-Ginn.

Diverse Voices and Perspectives Lecture Series

 Three people sitting in a row in the Cube for a lecture series. The middle gentleman, Awadagin Pratt, wears a print collared shift with black scarf and holds a microphone while speaking.

Learn how you can apply for funds to support events and experiences that provide students with opportunities to interact with guest lecturers or artists to increase their access to successful women and minority role models.