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Captivating works in our summer exhibitions explore themes of place, perception, and memory

A detail of Erika Ranee's "I Wonder if You Know What I Mean," 2022, an acrylic, shellac, spray paint, and paper collage on canvas. This abstract piece features lime greens, pinks, teal, light blue, purple, and lots of neutral colors. Some of the lines look like the root system of a plant, some look drips, others look like sharp shapes.


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    Andrew Schneider: New Work-in-Progress Showings , article

    TUESDAY, JULY 30, 5 AND 8 PM: Get a peek at the creative process as artist Andrew Schneider joins two international dancers in the Cube to develop a new audio/dance work inspired by “the hyper-precise synchronicity” of movement, commissioned in part by the Moss Arts Center and ICAT.

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    Cube Fest 2024: "Immersive Indigenous Experiences" , article

    FRIDAY, AUGUST 23-SUNDAY, AUGUST 25: Cube Fest 2024 celebrates Indigenous artists forging new creative paths with technology and tradition, featuring headliners Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Bill Crouse, and Casey Koyczan.

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    Plena Libre , article

    FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 6 PM: Free outdoor concert! Masters of the plena and bomba styles, Puerto Rican band Plena Libre brings an unrivaled, energy-filled dance party to the Moss lawn.


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    Michiko Itatani , article

    THURSDAY, JUNE 6-FRIDAY, AUGUST 30: Michiko Itatani approaches her artistic practice through the interdisciplinary lens of philosophy, quantum mechanics, physics, and science fiction, constructing liminal spaces reminiscent of cathedrals, theatres, and grand lobbies and enveloping the viewer in immersive environments.

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    Erika Ranee , article

    THURSDAY, JUNE 6-FRIDAY, AUGUST 30: This exhibition features mixed-media paintings and works on paper — bold, abstract tableaus comprised of sinewy lines, puddles, and smears of translucent bright colors broken up by flat shapes of opaque and sometimes muddy colors.


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    "Beyond the Frame" , article

    SECOND THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH, 12 PM: Elevate your art experience during free monthly noontime tours with Curator Brian Holcombe, who provides insight and context, offers behind-the-scenes glimpses into the gallery processes, and answers your questions.

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    Andrew Schneider: Workshop , article

    FRIDAY, JULY 26, 5:30 PM: This free workshop offers a chance for dancers and non-dancers to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Andrew Schneider’s process with sound.

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    Closing Reception | Summer 2024 Exhibitions , article

    THURSDAY, AUGUST 29, 5-7 PM: Join us for a reception celebrating our summer 2024 exhibitions, featuring solo shows from Michiko Itatani and Erika Ranee, before they close.