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A young white woman playing a violin smiles and looks towards a white man in a vest and hat playing an acoustic guitar outside at the Moss Arts Center.

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Laura Higgins
Exhibitions Program Manager


Performances and Engagement
Jon Catherwood-Ginn
Associate Director of Programming


Kari Heistad
Engagement Manager

Across all of our work, we bring arts to the community and invite people to examine the beauty, complexity, and diversity of our world. We think of the Moss Arts Center as a sort of living room for the community where we create safe spaces for experimentation, collaboration, and challenging conversations.

The center is a gathering place where you can engage and learn through compelling and diverse voices, artists, and programs.

We partner with external community-based organizations, individuals, and schools to increase the presence, practice, and impact of the arts beyond campus.

It’s All for You!

  • Family-friendly performances that are fun for all ages
  • Free events that help deepen your experience with visiting artists
  • Hands-on workshops and artist talks so you can engage more fully with the visual art in our gallery spaces

Explore Upcoming Community Events

In the Moment: Artists and Their Work

Get to know local and regional artists across all sorts of genres in a free Zoom-based series of conversations.

Itraab Arabic Music Ensemble

A project of Moss Arts Center, Itraab is an ensemble of Virginia Tech students, faculty, and community members who learn and perform Arabic music.