• Diana Cooper: "HighWire," 2016

        date=On view through spring 2018`desc=Art, technology, and creativity coalesce in this expansive and inventive visual representation of complex systems, infrastructure, networks, and abstract data.

      • Pia Fries

        date=Thursday, September 14-Saturday, December 9, 2017`desc=Characterized by audacious color and thick, pulsating pigment applied with brushes, spatulas, and palette knives, Pia Fries’ paintings represent a hybrid fusion of painting and printmaking, figuration and abstraction, and tradition with innovation.

      • Radcliffe Bailey

        date=Thursday, September 14-Saturday, December 9, 2017`desc=Painter, sculptor, and mixed media artist Radcliffe Bailey layers found objects, materials, and potent imagery to explore connections between past and resent, personal experience and collective memory.

      • Blacksburg High School: "Year of the Artist"

        date=Wednesday, December 13-Wednesday, December 20, 2017`desc=The 2017-2018 school year is the fifth anniversary of the new Blacksburg High School building, and to honor this occasion, Blacksburg High School has designated it as the “Year of the Artist.”

      • Ray Kass

        date=Thursday, January 18-Saturday, March 31, 2018`desc=A prominent Virginia artist with a long record of national and international exhibitions, Ray Kass is well known not only for the quality and breadth of his art, but as a pivotal, even catalytic figure who over the years brought luminaries of the art world to our region and influenced generations of artists.

      • Laurie Anderson: "Invented Instruments"

        date=Thursday, May 3-Saturday, June 9, 2018`desc=Laurie Anderson's Invented Instruments features a selection of the artist’s invented musical instruments and unusual musical scores developed over a quarter century as key creative tools in the artist’s much-heralded career as a performance artist and musician.

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