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 An artist, a white woman with curly shoulder length red hair and black rimmed glasses, leads a basketweaving demonstration in the Moss Arts Center Grand Lobby.
An artist leads a basketweaving demonstration in the Moss Arts Center Grand Lobby

Beyond the stage and galleries, we offer opportunities for people of all ages to expand cultural awareness and deepen understanding through the arts. These events—many of which are free—illustrate how learning, engagement, and discovery are at the heart of our mission.

Participate in events tailored for different ages and abilities, like:

  • workshops with visiting artists
  • activities in schools and with local organizations
  • lectures and Q&As
  • master classes
  • hands-on experiences
  • community celebrations
  • and much more

Enhance Your Experience

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    Students arrive at the Moss Arts Center for a free school-day matinee on a clear fall morning. Behind them, two school buses wait in the circular driveway.
    K-12 Programs

    A critical part of a child’s education, arts experiences cultivate empathy, expand world views, create human connections, and enhance creative problem-solving skills.

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     A Virginia Tech student learns vertical dance in a workshop with BANDALOOP dancers at the Moss Arts Center.
    Virginia Tech Students

    We bring world-class artists and performers to campus and host a huge variety of events each year. Student engagement is at the heart of our programming.

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     Faculty member talking with a student in the Moss Arts Center gallery. They are looking at white, graphic, cut-out pieces of artwork on a gray wall.
    Virginia Tech Faculty

    If you’re looking for ways to boost your syllabus, revitalize your programs, and create exceptional learning experiences for your students, consider collaborating with us.

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     A crowd of people sits on the grass lawn of the Moss Arts Center, cheering and clapping. In the foreground, a white woman in a blue tank top holds her dog's leash and smiles widely, looking up towards where dancers performed on the side of the Moss Arts Center.

    We bring arts to the community and lift up and invite people to examine the beauty, complexity, and diversity of our world.

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     The Itraab Arabic Music Ensemble performs
    Itraab Arabic Music Ensemble

    A project of Moss Arts Center, Itraab is an ensemble of Virginia Tech students, faculty, and community members who learn and perform Arabic music.

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     A vibrant palatte of paint
    "In the Moment: Artists and Their Work"

    Celebrating and elevating our local and regional artists, this online talk series provides an opportunity to meet notable creators of Southwest Virginia. 

Monuments by Craig Walsh

An ethereal, site-specific outdoor projection installation by artist Craig Walsh, Monuments celebrates unsung community members who impact the New River Valley region. Upending traditional expectations of public monuments and the selective history represented in our public spaces, these unforgettable images projected onto towering trees demonstrate the profound importance of individuals from our community.

Culminating Performance of Salaam: Exploring Muslim Cultures

Salaam: Exploring Muslim Cultures is a project that was led by the Moss Arts Center to strengthen cross-cultural understanding by engaging Virginia Tech students and other communities in Southwest Virginia with the diversity of Muslim cultures through an exploration of stories, images, sounds, and perspectives.

We celebrated the voices and creative work of the Virginia Tech students and community members who participated in this project with a free performance showcasing their year-long collaborative work with visiting artists Omar Offendum, Saba Taj, and Karim Nagi.