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    Student Arts Spotlight , article

    Curated by the Moss Arts Center Student Ambassadors, this exhibition will celebrate creativity, diverse perspectives, and inspiration across our student body.

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    Namwon Choi , article

    Based in Savannah, Georgia, Namwon Choi's vivid monochromatic blue landscapes compress distance and invite an intimate perspective.

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    Shin-il Kim , article

    Based in Seoul, Korea, Shin-il Kim explores the limitations of language to make video sculptures and animations that shift between perception and reality.

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    Moss All Access

    Go behind the scenes and take a deeper dive into some of the works, programs, and departments at the Moss Arts Center.

Gallery Hours

Wednesday-Friday, 10 AM-5 PM
Saturday, 10 AM-4 PM

Engage with the Artists

Everyone experiences art differently. What a better way to expand your mind, heart, and spirit than by hearing others' responses to the center's visual art offerings? Join the conversation exploring the diverse experiences and timeless value of art in our community.


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Past Exhibitions

Are you interested to see what exhibitions have been shown at the Moss Arts Center? Take a look here.