Thursday, December 2-Saturday, December 18, 2021

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Presented by the Moss Arts Center Student Ambassadors, this exhibition celebrates creativity, diverse perspectives, and inspiration across our student body.

Students were encourages to explore themes of gathering as they created or selected pieces for this show.

Tacie Jones' Inhabitance

 Against a dark background is a large orb that resembles a quilt. Different projections are displayed on each panel of quilting. Full caption: Tacie Jones; "Inhabitance" (detail); projection mapping, multichannel sounds, LEDs, Arduinos, mixed media sculpture, and assemblage; site-specific immersive installation, Pearisburg Community Center; photo by David Franusich.
Tacie Jones: "Inhabitance" (detail); photo by David Franusich

Ruth C. Horton Gallery

Interdisciplinary artist and current Ph.D. candidate Tacie Jones presents Inhabitance, an immersive multi-media sculpture and product of her research at Virginia Tech. Originally presented in spring 2021 as a site-specific installation behind the Town of Pearisburg’s historic Community Center, Inhabitance explores transforming the embodiment of trauma by reconnecting our sensory and cognitive experiences, asking us to be in both our thinking and feeling bodies at the same time.

Sa'Je Blunt

Think before you speak,
act before it’s too late.

Like a rollercoaster looping constantly,
your mind can go round and round—
pleading for a break.

It can be easy to do as your expected
but hard to do what you can;
stress taking over.

It can be hard to do what you need
when you’re busy doing what others

Just step back into the mirror,
see who you are, and

Digital Works

We received several video submissions: Pai-Hsueh Cheng's The Wristband, Youn Hee Chung's Hunter the Squirrel, Aria Hill's Dynamic Transformations: An Experimentation in Form, and James Kiscaden's Worried Head.

Pictured above:
1) Back to Normal?! by Alaa Abdalla, a doctoral candidate in engineering education; collage of photos. 2) Indian Girl in Sari with Fall Colours by Adetoso Afonja, a doctoral candidate in aerospace and ocean engineering; photography. 3) VT Cap with a "Never Give Up" Motto Mask by Kamla Al Amri, a doctoral candidate in curriculum and instruction and instructional design technology; photography. 4) Choi Yeonjun of Tomorrow by Together by Courtney Bailey, a senior in creative technologies; digital drawing. 5) Yellow Ginkos by Emma Bustetter, a sophomore in Architecture; watercolor. 6) Octobath by Hannah Camarillo, a junor in creative technologies; digital drawing. 7) The Thinker by Alden Carter, a senior in international relations; photography. 8) Cave of the Unknown by Mayali Clary, a junor in biology; digital drawing. 9) Easy Washing by Kirsten Doane, a junor in industrial design; photography. 10) Life Hutch (Color Grid) by Ronny Ghaida, a senior in creative technologies; a rendering in Blender.

Pictured above:
1) Red & Blue by Jeremy Grant, a sophomore in civil engineering; photoshop. 2) Botanical World by Sarah Gugercin, a senior in graphic design; photography. 3) New Classroom Building by Marty Hanapole, a senior in computer science; digital drawing. 4) Gathering Thoughts by Garrett M. Hornauer, a sophomore in packaging system and design; photography. 5) Cold Feeling by Renn Kennedy, a senior in creative technology; digital drawing. 6) Rabbit Season by Keith Khan, a first year in industrial design; digital art. 7) Saxophone by Anna Koubek, a first year in creative technology; watercolor and gouache. 8) The Effects of Body Image, Fat Phobia, and The Media on Young Women by Karley Kozlowski, a sophomore in criminology; collage of magazine clippings and Sharpie. 9) People Never Go out of Business by Eugene Lim, a first year in computer science; photography. 10) Berries by Blake Lowery, a first year in engineering; photography. 11) Embers by Reaz Mahmood, a junior in mechanical engineering; photography.

Pictured above:
1) Light Is a Painter by Sara Saghafi Moghaddam, a graduate student in architecture and design; photography. 2) Sustenance by Emma Mollner, a junior in human development; photography. 3) Ordonnance by Rupabali Samanta, a first year in clinical neuroscience; photography. 4) Good morning, Dhaka by Md Hasan Shahriar, a graudate student in computer science; photography. 5) Into the Mystical Woods by Michelle Shin, a senior in industrial design; digital drawing. 6) Tears of Glaciers by Rachael Snodgrass, a junior in biological sciences; photography. 7) Earth's Dreaming by Ben Socha, a senior in fine arts and creative technology; 3D digital rendering. 8) Hidden Fairy Friends by Clare Tallamy, a junior in environmental science; photography. 9) Quiet Reflection by Amber Williams, a junior in sports media and analytics; photography. 10) Tiel by Devin Wynne, a sophomore in animal and poultry sciences; digital drawing.

Pictured above:
1) Hidden in the Dark by Noora AlAmiri, a senior in chemical engineering; MICRON pen. 2) In the Shadows by Abigail Alisesky, a first year in neuroscience; photography. 3) You and the Sunset by Travis Carr, a senior in theatre; photography. 4) Pattern for Thanksgiving Success by Sarah Fox, a sophomore in computer engineering; digital drawing. 5) Just a lil sum by Arkael Kernizan, a junior in computational modeling and data analytics; photography. 6) Lust by Connell Kou, a sophomore in chemical engineering; marker. 7) Ship at Sea by Aritra Majumdar, a graduate student in computer science and applications; soft pastels on pastel paper. 8) Solidified Validation by Kaitlyn McNutt, a first year in biological sciences; conte pencils on a board. 9) Life is a journey, travel it well by Sai Krishna Pavan Suryatej Meda, a graduate student in computer science; digital drawing. 10) Creeping by Kathryn Nei, a junior in computer science; photography.

Pictured above:
1) Wave Break by Caroline Orlowski, a sophomore in interior design; photography. 2) Lydia by Annie Potter, a first year in architecture; acrylic paint on canvas, 16 x 20 inches. 3) The Autumnal Look by Jessica Russell, a sophomore in communication science and social inquiry; photography. 4) The Long Way Home by Sean Stroud, a senior in wildlife conservation; photography. 5) Family Cake by Megan Van-Spanje, a graduate student in forest management; photography. 6) The American Marten by Izzy Vasquez, a junior in creative technology; watercolor, colored pencil, and birch bark on paper. 7) Bluebell Trio by Lahjae White-Patterson, a junior in creative technology; digital drawing. 8) Bloom by Marina Yingling, a first year in English pre-law and sociology; watercolor. 9) How we met by Claire Yuan, a graduate student in molecular and cellular science; digital drawing.

Physical Works

Pictured above:
1) Octopus' Garden by Mary Arevalo, a junior in industrial design; slipcast ceramics. 2) Koi Fish Chair by Ava-Grace Carll, a sophomore (major undecided); graphite pencil on paper. 3) The Gracious Host by Madison Betts, a graduate student in fishereis and wildlife science; watercolor. 4) The Walk by Iris Castro, a sophomore in creative technologies; pencil and MIRCON pen on paper. 5) A Pebble's Disturbance Catching Eyes in a Tranquil Sunset by Badhan Das, a graduate student in computer science; acrylic paint on canvas. 6) Dieu est maison by Rodney Godfrey Jr., a senior in studio art; acrylic and paper on canvas. 7) Exposed Memories by Bow Hillen, a graduate student in entomology; photography. 8) Boredom by Riley Leathem, a senior in biochemistry and clinical neuroscience; black pen and Sharpie. 9) Emma by Riley Leathem, a senior in biochemistry and clinical neuroscience; charcoal, graphite, colored pencil, and white ink pen. 10) Home by Egor Lukiyanov, a sophomore in computer science; ballpoint pen on paper. 11) Fall in Lake by Behnaz Rezvani, a graduate student in computer engineering; oil pastel on mixed media paper.

Pictured above:
1) Heavy Metal by Natalie Smith, a senior in criminology and psychology; pen on paper. 2) Streetview by Maclean Toman, a senior in architecture; graphite drawing. 3) Retooling Bamboo Tectonics by Namita Desai, a senior in architecture; Dendrocalamus strictus and kreg screws. 4) char by Liam Wallace, a sophomore in ocean engineering; oil paint on canvas. 5) BioTech Couture | Body Architecture by RJ Weaver, a senior in industrial design; laser scanning, computational digital design, and 3D printing.

Pictured above:
1) Half-Light by Shreya Balaji, a sophomore in computer engineering; acrylic paint on canvas. 2) Tectonic by Maria Behnke, a junior in graphic design; marker and collage. 3) Gathering Dreams: Follow the Stairs Around the Crooked Tree by Anne K. G. Bazilwich, a doctoral alum and graduate student in veterinary medicine and education; acrylic on canvas. 4) Daydreamer by Summer Carlsen, a senior in psychology; acrylic on metal cutout. 5) Danny Caesar by Kate Coli, a first-year in fashion mechandising and design and marketing management; colored pencil, marker, and gouache on paper. 6) Awash by Yoni Comahire, a fifth year in architecture; acrylic paint on canvas. 7) A Gift for Mary by Eric Cueva, a senior in electrical engineering; wheel-thrown ceramic bowl with crackle texture. 8) Upward by Marina Eichenberger, a sophomore in human nutrition, foods, and exercise; collage. 9) Muddled by Hani Fleenor, a junior in English; graphite. 10) What I Found at the Bottom of a Bottle by Anderson Huband, a junior in studio art; acrylic and oil paint on stretched canvas. 11) Finding Myself by Natasha Iannuzzi, a junior in animal science; acrylic paint and charcoal on canvas paper. 12) The Peace Tower Demo by Matthew Kallicharan, a research student in electrical engineering; sculptural piece.

Pictured in the gallery above:
1) Self-Portrait by Rodney Kimbangu, a graduate student in creative technolgies; oil painting. 2) Canna Leaves by Alyssa Kennett, a sophomore in graphic design; oil on canvas. 3) The Blue Bird of Spring by Alexis Lawson, a senior in hospitality and tourism management; acrylic paint on a gourd. 4) Cashed Cuisine by Alice Lin, a first-year in architecture; watercolor. 5) Ovoid Light by Tony Lin, a senior in architecture; addressable LEDs, Arduino Nano, sanded acrylic, and power supply. 6) Removed by Lauren McDonald, a junior in creative technologies; acrylic paint on canvas. 7) Abuela by Saranne Mendez, a senior in animal and poultry sciences; crayon sculpture. 8) left on read by Braden Perryman, a graduate student in landscape architecture; mixed media sculptural assemblage. 9) Clutter by Rachael Quan, a sophomore in graphic design; oil paint on canvas. 10) Turnberg by Zack Ridson, a junior in industrial design; acrylic paint on canvas.

Pictured above:
1) a boy gathering up all his things from all the places by Alexander Russo, a graduate student in architecture; intaglio print. 2) One in Every Three by Abi Starr, a first-year in marketing and music technology; acrylic on canvas with magazine scraps. 3) Sympathy by Gwendolyn Swannell, a first-year in neuroscience; oil paint and silver leaf. 4) 13 Months of Sunshine by Henos Tadesse, a graduate student in chemical engineering; digital work on poster. 5) untitled by Jack Wasielewski, a senior in architecture; bubble wrap, plaster, acrylic paint, and spray paint on insulation foam. 6) Death of the King by Katie Weyrich, a junior in graphic design; plaster. 7) Rotting in Neglect by Shaw Young, a sophomore in business information technology; acrylic on canvas.

Selected works will be exhibited in the Miles C. Horton Jr. Gallery and Sherwood Payne Quillen ‘71 Reception Gallery from Thursday, December 2-Saturday, December 18, 2021, and shared via Moss Arts Center social media channels.