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"Andares" explores the realities Indigenous people face at the crossroads of modern life and tradition

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    Makuyeika Colectivo Teatral , article

    WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12-THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 7:30 PM: Woven from ancestral myths, traditional music, and a three-person narrative, "Andares" reveals the extraordinary spirit of Mexico’s remote corners and the astonishing pathways of its humblest of inhabitants.

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    Acrobuffos , article

    SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2 PM: In "Air Play," circus meets science—umbrellas fly, fabrics soar over the audience, balloons swallow people, and snow swirls, filling the stage.

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    Farruquito , article

    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28, 7:30 PM: An international superstar and heir to the most renowned self-proclaimed Gypsy flamenco dynasty, Farruquito is hailed by the "New York Times" as “the greatest flamenco dancer of this new century.”


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    Conor McGrady , article

    ONGOING: These works have been produced in the context of the ongoing tension between the desire for openness and fluidity on the one hand, and the ringfencing of nation states and territories as ideological enclosures, with an increase in barriers to mobility and migration on the other.

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    Craig Drennen , article

    THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13-SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17: Atlanta-based artist Craig Drennen’s work shows technical agility across a wide range of influences that span abstraction, representation, and conceptual practices.

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    Steve Locke , article

    THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13-SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17: Throughout his artistic career, Locke’s work has questioned how we ascribe meaning to portraiture.