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Pulitzer-winning science writer Elizabeth Kolbert discusses critical environmental issues

Science journalist Elizabeth Kolbert stands on a rocky seaside, a large floating sheet of ice behind her.

SAfety and Security

New Measures to Keep You Safe

Patrons attending events in the theatre may be required to walk through a metal detector (magnetometer), which uses safe, ultra-low frequency electromagnetic fields and advanced sensors to detect concealed weapons and contraband. Oversized bags, luggage, and backpacks will not be permitted inside the theatre. Coat check will be available to check these items.



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    "Messengers" , article

    THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 1-SATURDAY, APRIL 20: Featuring photography by artists Leslie Hewitt, Tarrah Krajnak, and Rodrigo Valenzuela, "Messengers" explores the use of photography to communicate — not only through visual aesthetics, but to transmit more profound personal, cultural, and societal messages.