Thursday, June 3-Saturday, August 28, 2021

All galleries

Pamela Becker, Clay Burnette, Ann Coddington, Kathy Dulaney, Desmond Ellsworth, Scott Gilbert and Beth Hester, Kari L√łnning, Anne Scarpa McCauley, Martha Olson, Karyl Sisson, and Lynette Youson

Throughout history, across generations, and in all cultures and regions of the world, baskets have served as functional objects and works of art. From the traditions of South Carolina seagrass and Appalachian basketry to innovative and intriguing contemporary forms, this exhibition presents the work of 12 outstanding artists whose creativity and exceptional technical skill come together in objects of beauty and fascination.

Pictured above:
Ann B. Coddington
ephemera, 2015-2021 (detail)
Mixed media fibers
Wall installation, dimensions variable
Courtesy of the artist

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