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Moss Arts Center Ambassadors

 VT ambassadors posing backstage of the Moss Arts Center's Fife theatre

"Because art comes in different forms, it reaches people in different ways. Art helps people be creative and express themselves. I think it allows people to be more open to learning and trying new things, and it can help with problem-solving and improving other skills."

-Linda Nguyen, business information technology major and Moss Arts Center Ambassador

About the Moss Arts Center Ambassadors

Founded in 2015, the Moss Arts Center Ambassadors are a group of dedicated student volunteers who work together to build arts connections across the Virginia Tech campuses. Members help curate Moss programs, including performances, community events, and student art exhibitions. 


We recruit new members at the beginning of each fall semester. Check back soon for details about the 2022-2023 academic year.

Member Benefits

Serving as a Moss Arts Center Ambassador allows you to expand your leadership, communication, collaboration, and event planning skills. You also gain: 

  • Priority access to free student tickets to (most) Moss Arts Center events
  • Experience going behind the scenes of a professional arts organization—everything from backstage tours and artist meet-and-greets, to meetings with the center’s leadership staff
  • Advanced access to $10 student tickets for Broadway performances
  • Networking with Moss Arts Center donors and staff during private receptions
  • Opportunities to curate Moss programs
  • Opportunities for leadership experience to build your resume

Did you know that all Virginia Tech students are eligible for free student rush tickets? Text "arts" to 833-966-1838 to receive text alerts for free tickets!

Connect with the ambassadors on GobberconnectInstagram, and Facebook.

Meet the Ambassadors

Emma Chan

Communication and English major, class of 2021

Eugene Choo

Biology major, class of 2023

Kaleigh Crowgey

Communication science and social inquiry major, class of 2022

Srinidhi Jayakumar

Srinidhi is a junior majoring in psychology and minoring in adaptive brain and behavior. Her future goal is to work as a psychologist in clinical settings and help individuals struggling with depression. She loves art and emotionally relates with music and other forms of art. She hopes to help students interested in the arts to flaunt their talent and feel proud of themselves. Srinidhi was a national level badminton player and in her free time loves to play various sports, watch movies, and draw.

 Moss Arts Center Ambassador, Srinidhi Jayakumar, poses in front of a Hokie stone wall; she's wearing a red long sleeve shirt with white collar and white cuffs.

Kristen Kim

Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation major, class of 2022

Tommy Lam

Tommy is a graduate student in physics working in high energy experiment. Aside from his work, Tommy also has a passion for classical music, jazz, food, anime, and video games. One of his favorite parts about being a Moss Arts Center Ambassador is learning about the fantastic performances the Moss has to offer and having the opportunity to talk about it with other people.

 Moss Arts Center Ambassador, Tommy Lam, has dark hair and wears a white tshirt and khaki shorts. He is in a store, posing next to a mannequin that has a rat head.

Joy Mendoza

Packaging systems and design major, class of 2023

Ribhav Murria

Industrial design major, class of 2023

Linda Nguyen

Linda is majoring in business information technology. This is her second year as a Moss Arts Center Ambassador, and she has enjoyed meeting and interacting with new people and inviting other students to watch shows and programs together. She hopes to always be creative and share ideas with others around her. Also, she enjoys puns and dad jokes! 

 Moss Arts Center Ambassador, Linda Nguyen, stands by a Christmas tree

Philana Quan

Philana is an architecture major. Her favorite part about being an Ambassador is getting to do really cool things like Music Day while working with fellow Ambassadors to make it all happen. Fun fact: Philana's name in Vietnamese is two parts (phi and lan) and they respectively mean "flying orchid." After graduation she wants to have the strength and courage to go for her dreams. The dreams are to be determined.

  Moss Arts Center Ambassador, Philana Quan, wears a dark purple shift and poses in front of a Hokie stone wall.

Robert Reiker

Engineering major, class of 2021

Gabriela Rivera

School of Performing Arts studio art major

Michelle Shin

Industrial Design Major, class of 2022

Paul Spears

Paul is majoring in mathematics with minors in music performance and Spanish. An avid cellist, Paul has been playing for 10 years and enjoys all types of music. In his free time, he likes reading, going on hikes, and spending time with his friends and family. After graduation, Paul aims to go to graduate school for mathematics.

Cindy Tran

Cindy is the current president of the Moss Arts Center Ambassadors. She is majoring in biochemistry and chemistry. Her favorite part of being a Moss Arts Center Ambassador is experiencing different types of art and seeing how it all works together. She loves being around fellow artists who understand the impact art has on the world. She is currently participating in undergraduate research on campus, but when she does find some free time, she loves to sing, act, paint, draw, and spend time with her friends. Oh, and she loves to window-shop...for hours on end.

 Moss Arts Center Ambassador, Cindy Tran wears a purple shirt and tan jacket, posing on a street corner.