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School-Day Matinees

 Bird's eye view of little kids sitting in the Fife theatre waiting for a matinee to begin.

The Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech is dedicated to providing transformative arts experiences to children through gallery tours, artist engagements, and special school-day matinee performances from renowned touring artists for children, teachers, and families.

Explore exciting new opportunities to connect with the arts through performances and study guides created especially for young audiences. Mark your calendar now and register to attend these engaging performances and discussions, and sign up for emails to learn more about the Moss Arts Center’s matinees and activities with visiting artists.

These free events are open to public, private, and homeschool students; teachers; and families; but registration is required.

 A man holds onto a metal circular object and kicks his feet out in the air.
Cirque Mechanics: "Birdhouse Factory"

Cirque Mechanics

Birdhouse Factory

Friday, February 4, 2022
10:30-11:30 AM
Street and Davis Performance Hall, Anne and Ellen Fife Theatre
Recommended for grades K-5

In this free school-day performance from Cirque Mechanics, see a contortionist perform on a turntable powered by unicyclists. Be captivated by the trapeze artist powered by the spins of an acrobat inside a giant wheel. Be stunned as the trampoline wall artists defy the laws of physics. Giggle at the antics of the characters, be impressed by the acro-dancing and enchanted by the story of laughter, love, flight, and birdhouses.

Birdhouse Factory was inspired in part by the masterful industry murals of Mexican artist Diego Rivera, the outrageous illustrations of cartoonist Rube Goldberg and the slap-stick humor of Charlie Chaplin’s film Modern Times. While these inspirations make Birdhouse Factory artful, nostalgic, and funny, the true essence of the show comes from the circus.

Birdhouse Factory is a simple story of daily life in a “widgets” factory circa 1935 as workers are brought together by the most unlikely of events: a bird accidentally injured by the main steam boiler. The accident and caring for the bird brings the workers closer together and inspires them to break away from the monotony of the assembly line. They showcase their true inner talents and abilities by using their bodies and machines to build birdhouses in a more joyous and soulful way.

 A dancer from Ballet Hispanico dances on stage. She is standing on one foot, the other extended up into a full split, and she reaches down to the floor with her right hand.
Ballet Hispánico: "Noche de Oro"

Ballet Hispánico

Wednesday, February 23, 2022
10-11 AM
Street and Davis Performance Hall, Anne and Ellen Fife Theatre
Recommended for grades K-5
Find more information and register here.

Celebrate and explore Latinx cultures through dance with Ballet Hispánico in this free performance for students in grades K-5.

For 50 years Ballet Hispánico has been the leading voice intersecting artistic excellence and advocacy, and is now the largest Latinx cultural organization in the United States and one of America’s Cultural Treasures. Ballet Hispánico brings communities together to celebrate and explore Latino cultures through innovative dance productions, transformative dance training, and enduring community engagement experiences.

 Dancer Lil Buck, a Black man with short natural bleached hair, a blue T-shirt, light ripped jeans, and black sneakers, dances on stage. He raises both arms up to flex his biceps. He is suspended in midair, his right leg extended out straight towards his left; his left leg is bent at a right angle at the knee in front of his right leg. The background is lit in blue light.
"Memphis Jookin': The Show"

Memphis Jookin': The Show

Featuring Lil Buck

Friday, March 18, 2022
10-11 AM
Street and Davis Performance Hall, Anne and Ellen Fife Theatre
Recommended for grades 7-12
Find more information and register here.

Experience how Memphis Jookin' emerged from local street dance to international phenomenon in this free matinee for students in grades 7-12.

Renowned dancer Lil Buck became a YouTube icon after director Spike Jonze uploaded a video of his improvisation with cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Now he pays homage to his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, where the local street dance known as Memphis Jookin’ became a sensation. Lil Buck, eight extraordinary dancers, and a live DJ chronicle the dance form—and evoke the energy of the streets.

Lil Buck conceives, choreographs, and performs in this original stage show that takes the audience on a journey to the fabled city where Memphis Jookin’ was born to document how the artform emerged from local street dance to international phenomenon.


If you cannot attend or your party turns out to be smaller than the number of tickets you have reserved, please inform the Moss Arts Center as soon as possible by contacting Jon Catherwood-Ginn at so that Moss staff can release your tickets to those on the waiting list. 

The Moss Arts Center is committed to being accessible to all of our patrons. Patrons with disabilities and their companions are accommodated through wheelchair seating, parking, and other special requests throughout the center at all levels. Assisted listening devices are available. Service animals are permitted. Sign interpretations and large-print programs are available with advance notification. If you or your students have questions regarding accessibility or would like assistance, please contact Jamie Wiggert at

To supplement your students' learning, a study guide tailored to each performance will be provided via email in advance.

The bus drop-off location is on the Alumni Mall side of the Moss Arts Center, located at 190 Alumni Mall on the campus of Virginia Tech. Drivers may pull their buses into the driveway loop directly in front of the center. Staff will be on-site to assist. Recommended arrival time is 15-30 minutes before the start-time of the performance.

Those driving cars and vans may park in the North End Center Garage (300 Turner Street NW), which is one block from the Moss Arts Center's Turner Street entrance. A valid university parking permit, a validation from one of the retail tenants, or payment of the daily fee is required to park in the North End Center Garage.

Bus staging is located in the upper section of the Chicken Hill lot (Football Lot 5) on the campus of Virginia Tech. The lot entrance is on Southgate Drive, opposite Sterrett Drive. Parking passes will not be required for buses. For more information about parking at Virginia Tech, please visit Please note that buses are not permitted to park adjacent to the Moss Arts Center's Turner Street entrance, except in special circumstances when permission can be granted.

When you arrive at the center, please check-in with Moss Arts Center staff to confirm that your party has arrived. Staff will be on-site to assist seating your group, directing you to restrooms, and answering any questions you may have.

Unless otherwise noted, all school-day performances take place in the Street and Davis Performance Hall's Anne and Ellen Fife Theatre in the Moss Arts Center.

It is recommended that buses arrive back at the Moss Arts Center 15 minutes before the end of the performance. Following the performance, please remain in your seats; school groups will be dismissed by Moss Arts Center staff to ensure a smooth and speedy departure for all. Staff and volunteers will assist school groups in meeting their buses in the center’s Alumni Mall driveway.

Following the performance, you may receive an email requesting feedback on your group's experience. Please make time to respond, as doing so could significantly improve the Moss Arts Center's pre-K to grade 12 programs for you and future visitors.

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