Tuesday, September 17, 2024, 7:30 PM
Wednesday, September 18, 2024, 7:30 PM

Street and Davis Performance Hall, Anne and Ellen Fife Theatre

Limited seating
Performed in English

The performance will last approximately 90 minutes.

*Run times listed here are based on information provided at this time and are subject to change.

$30 general admission
$10 students with ID and youth 18 and under
15%-25% subscription discounts available

"Without even a single political reference, Ontroerend Goed’s Fight Night makes a precarious analysis of the consensus politics our democratic system has fallen into. That’s impressive."

— De Morgen

Belgian theatre company Ontroerend Goed performs Fight Night, a rumination on democracy and elections that gives the audience the power to vote for fictitious candidates in real time.

One of the group’s most popular shows, Fight Night is re-imagined 10 years after its premiere, recognizing the world’s increased distrust of social systems. Five contenders go through five rounds of voting. Only one will survive. In Fight Night, the world will remain outside. No political statements, only a sharp, witty, completely entertaining analysis of how democracy works. Make your vote count. 

Created in 2013, Fight Night has toured the world, playing from Australia and Belgium to Canada, from Hong Kong to Switzerland. Remakes were made in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Turkey, whilst a French version was touring Europe. It remains one of the most popular shows in Ontroerend Goed’s repertoire. 

About Ontroerend Goed

Theatre performance group Ontroerend Goed (a punning name, roughly translated as “Feel Estate”) produces self-devised work grounded in the here and now, inviting its audiences to participate as well as observe. The group first emerged on the international scene in 2007 with The Smile Off Your Face, a one-on-one show in which the audience is tied to a wheelchair and then blindfolded. Its hit show, Once and For All..., was an uncompromising celebration of raw teenage energy on stage. 

With every new piece of work, Ontroerend Goed provides an intense experience constructed in reality; life goes on during the performance. The company has won numerous prizes across Europe and has hit New York, Sydney, London, and Hong Kong to critical acclaim. Their work is currently being performed in countries around the world.

Ontroerend Goed functions as a collective guided by Artistic Director Alexander Devriendt. Convinced that every idea deserves its own brand of artistic expression, the company cherishes a sense of ownership for every single contributor to its work, from actors to light designers, scenographers to conceptual thinkers. Ontroerend Goed fabricates possible realities that question how we as individuals position ourselves in the world today. Covering a history of the universe in one evening, turning spectators into voters who eliminate actors, or guiding strangers through a labyrinth of mirrors and avatars to meet themselves, the company has made it its trademark to be unpredictable in content and form.

This is the first performance by Ontroerend Goed at the Moss Arts Center.

Photos by Michiel Devijver