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Moss Arts Partners

 Front entrance of the Moss Arts Center. The building is lit up, with the honeycomb windows giving a soft yellow glow

"After attending my first performance at the Moss Arts Center, I was hooked. The acoustics were phenomenal. To have the center located in southwest Virginia has opened the doors to those like me that otherwise would have to travel hours to attend performances by such great artists and performers."

-Moss Arts Partner Melinda Talley of Blacksburg, Virginia, on what inspires her to support the center


Interested in becoming a Moss Arts Partner?

Rachael Carberry
Associate Director of Advancement

The Moss Arts Partners (MAPs) are ambassadors and advocates who help advance and guide the mission of the Moss Arts Center, including furthering the center’s development goals and strategies and helping increase community awareness of the center’s programs and impact, through philanthropy, strategic partnerships, and outreach.

2021-2022 Moss Arts Partners

Erv Blythe
Stacy Brown
Clem Carter
Constance Cedras
Sally Cox
Carole Davis
CY Davis
Don Drapeau
Libby Drapeau
Connie Froggatt
Susan Hansen
Candi Kelly
Allison Mitchell
Jeff Mitchell
Jim Monroe
Anne Moore
Rachel Pottern Nunn
Nancy Beville Prichard
Bob Quisenberry
David Reemsnyder
Judie Reemsnyder
Jim Shuler
Margaret Shuler
Wanda Smith
Melinda Talley
Mary Ann Walker
Kelli Whitfield